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About the BforB franchise

Internationally recognised for creating successful networking meetings, events and training for referral marketing, we create an environment where you can build quality relationships within your group, backed up by an ongoing member support programme.

65% of the world’s products and services are exchanged following a referral or recommendation.

Members become part of a friendly and welcoming environment that helps them get to know, like and trust other members who will, over time, become advocates for their businesses. Established in 2001 we are, and continue to be, a leader and innovator in referral marketing.

Referral marketing is one of the most cost effective and sustainable ways to generate new business leads and grow an organisation.

What makes the BforB franchise different?

Business for Breakfast is constantly innovating to be at the forefront of our changing business environment, whilst maintaining a warm and welcoming culture that also supports those comfortable with a more traditional business interaction.

We believe in creating the best possible environment for members of the business community to develop strong, long lasting cooperative relationships that result in quality new business leads and referrals.

  • Our innovation: We are constantly developing how we can all best benefit from referral marketing.

  • Our culture: We have a culture of doing business and passing quality referrals, rather than being pressured to pass poor leads.

  • Our support: We have a supportive network that is designed to help make you the best referral marketer possible.

The BforB Vision

“To create an innovative business networking environment that will help companies reach their potential through building a valuable network of advocates.”

The BforB Mission

“To become the world’s most respected business referral networking facilitator for exceptional service delivered to our members. We do this by delivering innovative and effective opportunities to build relationships and delivering meaningful training to further professional development, all designed to build a stronger advocate base.”

The BforB Values

  1. Make It Count: Your BforB membership experience is KEY.
  2. Building Strategic Alliances: Your success in business depends on building a strong reputation and a network of advocates.
  3. Be the Leader, not a Follower: Be an innovator of referral marketing and business networking.
  4. Unlock Your Potential: We want to unlock your potential.
  5. Be Active: We work with active members, those who want to work together to grow a stronger, more profitable business.

Our Ground Rules

You will be joining a group of engaged business people who are serious about growing their businesses. Within Business for Breakfast, business is shared and not just taken. It works because every member is there to build mutually beneficial business alliances and pass qualified referrals. You are therefore expected to:

  • Bring positive contributions to the team through qualified referrals and introductions

  • Invite guests to sample BforB and widen the groups networking capability

  • Attend every meeting, or send a representative, to maintain and build alliances

  • Conduct 1-2-1’s with fellow members to build relationships and alliances

  • Share testimonials with the group about work well done

  • Remember even a great referral can be lost without active follow-up, so see the process through.

Innovating business networking – A history of BforB

Ever since Business for Breakfast was founded in 2001, the network has innovated to add value to its members. The evolution of BforB has focused on delivering an ever more effective forum through which relationships are built, and qualified referrals are passed.

This drive to stay ahead of the curve saw Business for Breakfast become the first ever British-founded referral marketing franchise in the UK, but we didn’t stop there.

  • April 2004: The BforB referral marketing system was made available throughout the day including meetings at breakfast, lunchtime and evenings
  • October 2005: BforB launched the UK’s first Referral Marketing Annual Awards celebrating best practice across the country
  • March 2006: BforB launched the first Friday Club including regional social events to build stronger relationships and support dedicated charities.
  • February 2007: BforB launched the first female only referral meeting in the UK
  • October 2012: BforB opened sector specific groups with the Staffordshire Property & Construction meeting
  • March 2016: BforB launched Referral Academy to support members’ skills development

Business for Breakfast is now successfully building groups around the world where it is the only referral organisation to adopt each host country’s language for its referral meetings.

Be our guest

It is our promise that you can attend two BforB meetings as a guest, without the obligation to commit as a member straight away.

BforB member benefits

As a member of BforB, you will have access to an exclusive referral marketing group that are actively on the lookout for new business, contacts and expertise to help you and your business grow. This includes:

  • Access to meetings

  • Invitations to events

  • Market sector exclusivity

  • Member professional development programmes

  • Referral tracking

  • A BforB online profile

  • A support network from fellow members

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