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About Us

Care Warehouse has partnered with several of the UK’s manufacturers of daily living aids, personal healthcare products, well-being products and specialist service providers.

The healthcare sector has shown consistent year on year growth and changes in the way healthcare equipment is provided and healthcare services are operated mean that this sector offers a solid business opportunity for you and your family.

Care Warehouse has been created to meet the forecast growth in the healthcare sector and offers you multiple income streams as part of this unique, low cost business opportunity.

The Care Warehouse Business Opportunity

We are currently appointing regional business partners to develop substantial, exclusive business territories to assist us in the development and management of our business throughout the UK.

Essentially with the Care Warehouse Business Opportunity, you have 3 main income streams.

Income Stream 1

Operate your own e-commerce website offering specialist healthcare living aids and products.

Income Stream 2

Promote a variety of healthcare services to both the public and private sectors.

Now Here’s Where It Gets Very Interesting!

As a third and highly lucrative income stream, Care Warehouse associates are now also able to respond to new healthcare protocols being introduced by the Care Quality Commission relating to infection control procedures and practices.

Care Warehouse associates are now able to offer a basic contract to clients, collected by DD and administered by GoCardless. The contract enables clients to call upon us to provide an agreed number of infection control services each year.

There is a low basic monthly fee which enables compliance to the new proposals and there are higher levels of payment which enable a more comprehensive service to be provided.

Care Warehouse retains 20% of this income and provides 24/7 phone reception and office administration of clients plus their payment status etc. The balance of the fee is paid to the associate monthly.

The associate have responsibility to effect any decontaminations they can either do the work themselves or pay their own staff. Response to a client needs to be rapid and efficient with work being carried out to a certifiable standard.

Working with its professional partners Care Warehouse will provide full professional training both in Infection Control procedures and different types of equipment.

At the end of training our Associates / their staff will have been trained to a high standard and they will be certificated to carry out the work discussed.

Our estimate is that c. 20% of potential clients in a territory will want at least the compliance level of payment which makes this a hugely lucrative service offered as part of the overall business opportunity package.

Your Overall Business Opportunity Package

The Business Associate Licence Fee is £5,000 plus VAT and this is your total investment, it provides associates with:

  • 5 year Renewable Licence – to operate as a Care Warehouse business associate

  • An Exclusive Territory – Each exclusive territory is c. 3 counties in size. All business generated in those territories creates income for you  the licence holder. Each territory has c.1000 potential clients . Potential clients can include Care Homes, Dr’s Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, Schools, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Hospices, Veterinary Practices, Hotels etc

  • Representation on the Care Warehouse Website

  • Full Training by an authorised body providing certificated ‘ licence to practice’

  • Marketing Support

  • Operational support with specialised equipment

  • Business insurance

  • Finance packages available

A small amount of working capital may be required initially to cover some travel costs and marketing material. We recommend that this may be financed in the form of an overdraft facility.

We provide full training in the set-up and running of your Care Warehouse business and the cost of this training is included within the Licence Fee.

Your Earning Potential

At this time forecasts would suggest that c. £4000 per month would easily be achieved even at a moderate sales conversion position within their territory.

Over a complete 12 month period it should be realistic for an associate to develop a total territory income of c. £100,000.

Who Are We Looking For?

This opportunity will only be available to a very limited number of people and having the right associates is essential for our business. 

We will therefore only offer licenses to those people that we believe are suitable for running a successful Care Warehouse business and can work both with the management of Care Warehouse and the other associates within our network.

A Care Warehouse license does not specify requirements as to age or gender, what does count is that the associate is self-motivated, has good interpersonal skills and has the desire to succeed in running their own business.


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