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IT services business providing services and support to small businesses & home offices.


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Computer Troubleshooters (CT), the Worlds Computer Service Network, operates over 400 locations in 28 countries, making it the largest computer service franchise in the world. Opportunities in the UK, Ireland and EU now!

IT services business providing services and support to small businesses & home offices.

Computer Troubleshooters is the world’s largest IT service franchise with more than 400 locations worldwide across 28 countries. The Computer Troubleshooters franchise was created and developed in Australia in 1997 and the UK in 2000.

Our business offers IT support and services for small business and home offices through a variety of methodologies such as break fix, managed services, and cloud. Our ultimate vision is to be the leading supplier of IT services to small businesses in the UK, striving towards our brand goal of “Technology Solved”.

Our franchise success is based on helping you create the business that best suits your skills, experience and desires. You may wish to operate a business from a home base handling most of the technical work yourself, or you may wish to start from a service centre, managing technical staff to handle the day to day work. You may also wish to be a Business Manager running a full Managed Services business utilising our service tools for the technical skills as necessary.

These options work well, and in practice most Computer Troubleshooters start as a home operation.

Many of our franchisees have strong IT backgrounds in corporate environments or have a passion for IT and are looking for a challenging small business as an alternative for lifestyle, financial, and personal development reasons. Computer Troubleshooters provides this opportunity for business freedom with the support, methodologies, and camaraderie of a well-established proven franchise structure.

The franchise

What we have found is that the potential market for a credible franchise network like ours, that offers outsourced IT through on-site and remotely supported IT services, is growing rapidly. This is particularly so when the company offering the service is seen as part of a strong global company with an established brand and experience.

We have established platforms, and preferential pricing, included in our franchise structure including Autotask, Continuum, and Cobweb Cloud services that new franchise owners can immediately benefit from using as part of their business offering and processes.

The investment required

Your financial investment required is from £9,950 (+ VAT) for the Basic franchise package and £12,950 (+ VAT) for the Enhanced franchise package which includes a larger franchise territory.

This includes your training, start-up marketing assistance, the franchise systems, the tools and the supporting documents necessary to get you started in your own business.

A fixed license fee is payable monthly, with a 3 months grace period, and then limited to a small fixed increase each year. A monthly advertising levy is also made to a National marketing fund.

The Benefits

Instead of worrying about how to obtain customers, what services to offer, what pricing to use, which are the right tools to use, and a myriad of other issues, you will be able to hit the ground running with a time-tested formula.

A key benefit with Computer Troubleshooters is that you become a member of a strong UK team, and the global team of over 400 Troubleshooters. Our network, as distinct from other smaller franchise groups or operating on your own, is attractive to national account companies, suppliers and larger businesses.

The other key part of the equation is your commitment to make the business work. It requires a 100% investment of your time and energies.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if a CT franchise could be the right one for you:

  • Are you tired of working for someone else?

  • Do you have computer skills and experience, or good management skills?

  • Would you like to own your own computer business, employing yourself and perhaps one other person initially?

  • Are you keen to start up on your own, but lack business and/or marketing experience and would be uncomfortable working in isolation?

  • Are you looking for the support, training, back-up and proven business plan that a professional franchise can offer?

  • Would you like to join “The World’s Computer Service Network” franchise team?

Next steps

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If you want to “work for yourself, not by yourself”, in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy then Computer Troubleshooters is the ideal opportunity for you.


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