With over 1,300 franchisees operating from 12 countries, Fastway Couriers is acknowledged as a leader in franchising





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£10,001 - £25,000, Delivery, Management, Mobile

The Fastway to Success

Fastway Couriers was established in New Zealand in 1983, and is the world’s largest courier franchise. With over 1,300 franchisees operating from 12 countries, Fastway Couriers is acknowledged as a leader in franchising. In the UK, Fastway Couriers was established in 2001 and already has over 150 franchisees, making it one of the UK’s fastest growing franchise and courier organisations. Fastway Couriers offers franchise opportunities at two levels.

Fastway Regional Franchise Opportunities

A Regional Franchise is a white collar management franchise. Our philsophy is that a Fastway Regional Franchisee is in the business of franchising, not in the courier business. A successful Regional Franchisee is a person who enjoys working as part of a team and can use their leadership skills to first attract courier franchisees and then drive them to develop successful courier businesses. Man management is the focus of the Regional Franchisee, rather than logistics.

Unlike most other franchise systems, the Fastway Regional Franchisee has the benefit of an exclusive and perpetual franchise agreement. Combined with a 5-day working week, excellent training and onsite support from the franchisor for a minimum of two days every month, a Fastway Regional Franchise is the perfect opportunity for motivated and experienced business people.

Courier Franchise Opportunities

Within each region there are opportunities for Courier Franchisees. Couriers are granted exclusive territories, where they carry out pick-up and delivery work. All couriers only work within their territory, returning to the depot at regular intervals in order to exchange parcels destined for other areas. A unique feature of the Courier Franchise is that it comes with a guaranteed minimum income of £500 per week for the first 21 weeks. This special attribute allows a Courier Franchisee to generate an income whilst they are working with the Regional Franchisee’s sales people on developing their business from start-up to an economic unit. To be successful as a Courier Franchisee, you don’t need any experience. You need to work well with your fellow Courier Franchisees and have an outgoing and funloving personality, coupled with a drive to be your own boss and establish a business of your own.

Training and Support

Courier Franchisees are supported by their Regional Franchisee. The Franchise Support Offices in each country have a huge range of training modules in PowerPoint, and video, which can be delivered in a one-to-one, classroom, or individual situation. Courier Franchisees receive on-the-job and orientation training as well as completing a video training course. Most importantly, Courier Franchisees are trained in the Fastway saturation marketing techniques – the secret to growing a courier business rapidly. Enthusiastic, outgoing and ambitious people who follow this system develop high turnover businesses quickly.

Comprehensive manuals are supplied on CD or in hard copy. These manuals have been developed over many years and cover all aspects of operating a Courier Franchise.

The marketing manual and training programmes for Courier Franchisees contain a wide range of free or low cost marketing initiatives that are finely targeted to gaining new customers, or obtaining more business from existing customers. Any of these initiatives that the Courier Franchisee wishes to implement can be put in place within a few days.

All administration is taken care of by the Regional Franchisee, leaving the couriers free to drive the growth of their businesses. Operational, sales and customer service support are also given, including access to the Fastway network for delivery of parcels to other regions.


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