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£100,000+, Fitness, High Street, Leisure

Fit4less has opened up the greatest business opportunity in fitness for years. Providing a ‘Low-cost’ fitness membership from just £16.99 per month, at a time when consumers are demanding great value for money…

Fit4less offers a strong consumer proposition that clearly identifies our market position as the “Low-Cost” alternative to more expensive full service health clubs.

Supported by énergie, Britain’s leading fitness franchisor

The right time for Fit4less?

First consumers embraced the ‘no frills’ airlines, offering online booking and big savings, and then ‘no frills’ supermarkets began to outperform the more established brands on our High Streets.

Consumers understand the ‘no frills’ approach popularised by Hotels, Airlines and Supermarkets. Fit4less offers you the opportunity to rapidly establish a dominant local position in the emerging ‘no frills’ segment of the UK fitness club sector, allowing you to turn the current economic climate to your advantage by offering local consumers an unbeatable opportunity to “get fit for less”. Fit4less is a great consumer proposition and a great business opportunity for potential investors…

The gap in the market…

The health and fitness sector has developed exponentially over the past fifteen years in the UK and it is widely  recognised that demand will outstrip supply for some years to come. With around 11.9% (and growing) of the UK population currently using a fitness facility (7.3% currently use a private members fitness facility), it is generally accepted that this penetration will surpass the approximate 20% level currently seen in the USA.

The UK fitness sector has seen a very clear bias towards developing the premium end of the market; many leading groups have arguably lost their early ‘affordable fitness’ approach in the pursuit of achieving an ever higher yield per member. This behaviour has further highlighted the potential of a true low cost alternative in the UK.

The solution…

Fit4less appeals to customers who recognise the quality and equipment required in a modern gym, but our members don’t pay for the vast array of rarely used facilities and services offered by other health clubs. Whilst Fit4less is a new ‘no frills’ concept in the fitness sector, it is built upon the strong foundations of the energie fitness club model and supported  by the energie group, which now operates over 80 clubs.

The clubs themselves are sized from 4000sq.ft upwards, they operate   on what by normal industry standards would be a skeleton staff, members join online at www.F4L.com whether in our club using our joining zone, or at home or work, saving administration time and resources. Club access is via our biometric (finger print) readers which control club access; this both improves security and saves on membership card production costs.

The real joy of the Fit4less brand is the simplicity and consumer friendly nature of the offering, making it a rewarding choice as a franchise business.

The Fit4less key brand drivers…

Our clubs are operated to a fixed model based on the following drivers:

  • Proven targeted marketing campaigns highlight our ‘Low cost’ benefits

  • Online joining and smart use of technology reduce administration

  • Reduced infrastructure costs through multi-skilled workforce

  • Tight operational cost controls

  • A simple business model with minimal competition

Who will join a Fit4less club?

  • Consumers who appreciate quality, but still demand great value for money.
  • Consumers who due to cost, have terminated their memberships elsewhere.
  • Consumers who only use their clubs once a week and can’t justify the costs of competitors.
  • Fit4less is about offering existing fitness club members choice, why pay £50+ per month for a club with pool and plush changing rooms, when you only use the gym?

As a Fit4less franchisee the following services will be available to you:

  • The backing of Britain’s leading fitness club franchise business.

  • Online membership & Direct Debit collection

  • Fully integrated club membership systems

  • Complete online marketing support programme

  • Buying and Procurement service

  • Training advice and support

  • A non competing territory to develop

  • Finance and business planning

  • Regular networking opportunities

  • Business support team

Interested in opening a Fit4less Franchise?

Owning an energie franchise is a hugely rewarding experience and provides you with the opportunity to create the personal and financial success that you have always deserved. We urge you to attend one of our Discovery Days or alternatively contact us for more details.

Interested in developing energie in a specific UK region?

The energie regional principal opportunity provides you with the ability to operate, sell and develop multiple energie franchises in a dedicated and exclusive UK territory.

Interested in developing energie internationally?

Following our success in the Middle East and Europe we are currently seeking Master Franchisees for regions outside the UK, who share our passion for fitness and wellbeing.


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