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Thank you for visiting this page to find out more about turning your business into a franchse. We hope this will educate you on the benefits of franchising your business and how we can help you achieve that effortlessly.

After reading the information here, we are confident that you will see the value behind franchising your business.

Our team has several decades of combined experience in the promotion of franchises and business opportunities, so we know this industry better than most.

If you have any questions/comments regarding this information or would like to discuss this opportunity further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope to speak with you soon and wish you the best of luck in franchising your business.

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Everyone @ Franchise Opportunities Hub


Turning your current business into a franchise is the most simple, fast & low cost way to expand, and thanks to Franchise Opportunities Hub, it couldn’t be any easier.

Benefits of franchising:

  • Provides you an additional guaranteed monthly income – the franchisees will pay you an ongoing royalty fee for the right to use your brand & business model, licence fees, ongoing support & more (e.g. stock if applicable).
  • You’re not responsible for any additional expenses – the franchisees take on all expenses, from office hire to paying their staff.
    And expect lots of interest! People are inclined to become a franchisee because:
  • You’re providing a business model that has been proven successful, reducing the usual risks that starting your own business can entail.
  • Full training & ongoing support is provided.


You have the option to choose from 3 packages, depending on the level of help & support required.

Once you’ve decided, you can sign up for a membership with us, quickly and easily.

Depending on the package chosen, we will then:

  • Provide a full assessment & design to turn your proven business model into a franchise.
  • Generate customers & sell your franchise on your behalf.
  • Create an advertisement on our fast-growing platform, reaching a huge target-specific market.
  • Filter through potential franchisees so that you don’t have to deal with them direct until they purchase.
  • Provide ongoing back-up and support, from an established & experienced company.
  • Offer a full marketing campaign based on your business model; individualised to create maximum advertising
    potential, using our in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Our professionally-designed promotional material includes:

  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • E-brochures
  • Email marketing
  • Social media optimisation (Option 1 only)

These promotional materials will be issued to our vast database of business seekers* that are actively looking for a franchise or business opportunity to purchase.

  • Your advert will be advertised continuously on our website & also on many other advertising platforms, maximising catchment potential*
  • Emails will be regularly sent & redesigned each month to generate interest from new opportunists and to re-engage those already subscribed.
  • Text messages will also be regularly issued & social media posts, if applicable.
  • Optional extras can be purchased at any time, for example precedence on our advertising website by being featured in a top-spot advertising slot, viewed by thousands of potential new clients each month.

*Your profile will be launched with several national advertising companies online, using our connections. We use a platform of different websites to ensure diversity in lead generation, whilst ensuring we cover the mass market.


Franchise Opportunities Hub will always be at your disposal whilst you’re a member.

The only time back-up and support would not be available is if you were to cancel your membership.

Once the applicant has been passed over to you as your new franchisee, our involvement with that client is then complete. It is then your responsibility to provide your franchisee with full back-up and support.

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