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Thank you for visiting this page to find out more about turning your business into a franchise. We are here to help you understand the world of franchising and how using our service and infrastructure will turn your business into a successful franchise and help get your first Franchisee(s).

Why Franchise? Why do people buy franchises? The answer is simple, franchising has a far greater success rate than setting up your own business. There are less pitfalls. Buying a franchise enables the franchisee to receive an already established business model combined with help, support and guidance to ensure the best possible outcome.

Franchise Opportunities Hub offer an all inclusive package which consists of: Setting up the Franchise, marketing your Franchise, assisting with Franchise sales. This is why we are different to other companies as we continue our support after your Franchise is setup. We market your Franchise via a number of different channels to raise brand awareness and increase exposure to generate more leads. We have over 20 years of experience in the Franchise industry, both setting up and selling hundreds of Franchises. We also have our own advertising platform with a vast database, combined with strong links to franchise and finance experts to help deliver sales for our Franchises. Please take a look at our homepage to see the latest franchises.

Our team has several decades of combined experience in the promotion of franchises and business opportunities, so we know this industry better than most. We can guide you through why you want to Franchise your business, the benefits to you and your business.

Please see below information in relation to Franchising.

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Franchising is replicating an already successful business operation and expanding it rapidly. Your existing business is copied and licensed out to buyers who follow your business model and in-return pay you a licence fee. This is followed by regular payments referred to as “royalty fees”.

burger franchise exampleThere are a number of procedures to follow, legal documents and training that needs to be implemented, and this is where you will need help franchising your business, so in brief:

  • Franchiser (you) is a company that owns and controls a franchise system and can grant a license to qualified or non qualified individuals
  • The Franchisee ( the customer ) pays the franchiser an initial franchise fee and an on going royalty (optional)
  • The franchiser will provide the franchisee with dedicated territory
  • The Franchiser will train and provide all their knowledge to the franchisee
  • The Franchiser will provide the franchisee with all the correct forms and paperwork and products to support the franchise
  • The Franchiser will show and help the franchisee on how to market the franchise

So the franchisee will receive:

  • All the advantages of big business – established brand name, reputation, reliability, resources and experience.
  • In business for yourself, but not by yourself

It allows your business to grow much faster without using its own capital. Creates very little risk for you and also generates an instant income and further on-going income in the form of royalties. This allows you to concentrate on the core operation of your business, therefore utilising your time to grow the company and offer the relevant support to Franchisees that are growing your brand.

The advantages of franchising can be as follows:

coffee franchise exampleIncreased Capital – One of the primary advantages to franchising is that it provides you access to capital acquisition which in-turn can be used to help promote and grow your company. For smaller modern businesses the ability to acquire funding can be difficult and when a successful operation wants to achieve targeting the “next level”, Franchising is a tried and tested method of achieving that.

Regular Income – A great benefit to Franchising your company is that your Franchisees, in return for using your intellectual property rights, branding and business model is that you receive royalty payments in return. These can be broken down into a number of different methods which will be discussed at a later stage in the process. Based on your business model and operation, we can determine which royalty will be most suited to your Franchise.

Structured Growth – Franchising provides a platform in which your company can grow sustainably with minimised risk to your core operation. Having a well developed franchise model, replicated from a proven business concept adds value to your franchise proposition and will in-turn increase sales. Whilst the number of your Franchise outlets/services increases, so does the overall size of your company.

Management Control – Unlike large chain owned businesses, Franchisor’s have much lower staff levels and therefore a lot more control. In the event a staff member calls in sick, it the responsibility of the Franchisee to find a solution.

To be a successful franchise, you need a mutual partnership that is focused on growing the franchisor and the franchisee simultaneously. These partnerships listen to its franchisees and supports the franchise network for mutual growth.

sandwich franchise exampleThe franchisor has the knowledge and experience within the relevant sector and is able to convey that information through the use of training and an operations manual giving the franchisee a full proof set-up.

Although Franchisees will undertake their due diligence to ensure the Franchise is profitable and will deliver what is described, to ensure the partnership is successful is it just as important for the Franchisor to determine waht they are looking for a Frachisee to match with the fight partner. This may include ascertaining their primary skillset’s such as commercial acumen, passion for the business and its industry along with financial capability of funding the franchise and its first 6 months of trade.

If these two entities align the likelihood is that the Franchise will be a success and the working relationship between Franchisor and Franchisee should be long standing.

Firstly, you need to make sure you establish the Intellectual Property Rights (IP) that comprises of the brand name, any associated products or services containing the brand and operation systems that are to be licensed.

Analyse and understand the financials behind the business so that you, as the prospective franchisor can demonstrate the level of returns that can be achieved at the franchisee level.

The brand should be registered as a trade mark since a prospective franchisor should have clear and undisputed rights to license third party franchisees to use the brand name and/or logo that is associated with the business.

The systems and business model should be written into a set of manuals, otherwise referred to as a training manual, operations manual, or systems manual. There should also be a policies and procedures manual which provides a full and detailed account of what a new franchisee is required to do when starting their new business.

Franchise Opportunities Hub have a team in place that can assist with every step of the Franchise process. The first stage is to have to have a discussion with one of our Franchise consultants to provide you with information specifically related to your industry and to map out a plan of detailed objectives to ensure as a team, we develop a Franchise model that is best suited to the right system.

We understand there will be a lot of information to digest which may seem overwhelming but with the support and guidance of our team you will be managed every step of the way ensuring a smooth transition into becoming a fully fledged Franchise.

The package will consist of:

  • Full design and strategic development of your Franchise model including operations manual, legal contracts related to your specific franchise, policies and procedures
  • Profile and Prospectus design – Designing your profile for our website and developing an e-brochure to be used for enquiries
  • Lead Generation – Advertisement on Franchise Opportunities Hub website
  • Lead Management – A full management system ensuring leads are contact using multiple methods to deliver the best possible opportunity for sales
  • Franchise sales – Working in conjunction with yourself to deliver the all important franchisees
  • Website design – Assistance with re-vamping your website to incorporate the franchise element of your business
  • Aftercare and support  – This will be offered to you throughout the duration of your membership with Franchise Opportunities Hub


Once the Franchise model is set-up the next and arguably most important part is marketing the franchise to generate leads. Franchise Opportunities Hub USP is that we have our own well established marketing platform to do just that. If not chosen carefully, marketing for leads can become an extremely expensive part of the process and by having our own platform it reduces your cost in the initial stages, when your budget is limited to deliver those all important first sales. Once a few sales have been generated, it is then your choice should you wish to diversify and add other lead sources to increase the opportunity for further sales. At this juncture, it would prudent to liaise with one of our consultants to look at which other avenues would be suitable and the potential results that can be achieved.

Once your Franchise is already to go, this is when you need the help. Getting the Franchise up and running is a short term task compared to obtaining the Franchisees. However, do not worry. We already have a successful advertising platform selling Franchises on a daily basis and as part of your package we will market your franchise at no cost until your sell your first Franchise.


Franchise Opportunities Hub will always be at your disposal whilst you’re a member.

The only time back-up and support would not be available is if you were to cancel your membership.

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