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In 2000 Dean Boyle (Managing Director of Gym Upholstery UK) started working for a Fitness equipment supplier as an engineer providing a maintenance service for nationwide gymnasiums.

During his time under employment, he realised customers were waiting months for their pads to be returned. Dean quickly realised, there was an opportunity in the market for on-site repair. From a young age he always strived to succeed and loved the idea of working for himself and owning his own business. Whilst working full time, he spent his evenings creating business plans and training himself how to sew as an upholsterer.

In 2001 Dean started his own business named Gym Upholstery UK, offering an on-site upholstery repair service for gymnasiums across the UK. Dean purchased his own van and created a mobile workshop in the back of the vehicle where he could undertake full repairs whilst on-site. Gymnasiums no longer had to have their machines out of service for many weeks or fix new pads to the machines themselves. The business took off instantly with a huge demand for the service.

An In-Demand Service

Gym Upholstery UK have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world.

This includes Anytime Fitness, Nuffield Health, David Lloyd Leisure, Pure Gym, Precor, Matrix, Life Fitness, Virgin Active, Marriot Hotels, Holiday Inn, The Gym Group and many more. Gym Upholstery UK are proud to have carried out work for the Queen, Windsor Castle, MOD (Ministry of Defence), HMP(Her Majesty’s Prison), police and fire stations. Work is also carried out at many high-end football and rugby clubs. For the past couple of years Gym Upholstery UK has been a proud sponsor at the National Fitness Awards supporting many other businesses in the fitness industry.

The Franchise

The goal is for franchisees to offer the same high quality service to gyms and customers in their local regions that is currently offered by the operations based in Burnley, whilst making a good financial return on investment.

The core profile of franchisee will be somebody who has the desire, skill and aptitude to operate their own business. Having experience of and skills in upholstery is not essential. This is a business which can be learned, by somebody with relevant experience, so long as the individual can follow a clearly defined system of operation.

The franchisee will have full responsibility for finding and keeping customers in their local area, and undertaking work from National / Key Accounts, as provided by the franchisor. They will additionally be responsible for the local marketing of their business. Franchisees must ensure a consistent, professional and quality service, and be responsible for promoting the quality image of the Gym Upholstery Brand in their territory.

Earning Potential

For local accounts:

  • An average call out fee of £80
  • An average price of a pad repair of £36
  • An average number of pads repaired per call out of 6

For National / Key Accounts:

  • An average call out fee of £0
  • An average price of a pad repair of £23
  • An average number of pads repaired per call out of 6

Using the above assumptions, as detailed in the model, it is projected that franchisees will achieve net sales of £67,480 in the first year, £134,016 in year 2, £175,216 in year 3, £183,504 in year 4 and £183,504 in year 5.

These figures are not a guarantee of franchisee income.

The Investment

The turnkey package fee is £22,950.

This includes:

  • Corporate induction
  • Gym Upholstery operational training
  • Sales and marketing
  • Handling National / Key Accounts
  • Gym Upholstery customer service advice
  • Gym Upholstery standards
  • Being a franchisee – what is expected
  • Operating a business
  • Van set up design

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