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£25,001 - £50,000, B2B, Business Training, Home Based

This is your opportunity to join the UK and Ireland’s most innovative and dynamic network of professional business advisers! If you are looking for a business opportunity which offers exceptional returns, great flexibility and a fast track start up then read on…

Are you an experienced business person looking for:

  • An exciting investment opportunity?

  • A great return on your investment?

  • The potential to build a substantial business?

  • An opportunity that can complement your existing business interests?

  • An opportunity that creates other opportunities?

  • In-field proven systems & processes?

  • Access to the expertise of like-minded people throughout the world?

How does it work?

IBS advisers use a series of professional, results driven systems and programmes, to provide high end quality solutions developed specifically for small to medium business owners.

The systems and support enable you to create one of the most leveraged consulting businesses in the marketplace. By using the system and support provided by IBS, you are free to concentrate on the role you enjoy best – generating significant streams of income and increasing your potential to build a substantial business, while helping your clients achieve stunning results!

The goal of every IBS adviser is to develop the leadership skills of business owners so they can spend less time in the business and more time achieving the goals they have for the business.

The approach of an IBS adviser is a holistic one, providing strategies that have a concrete foundation by carefully evaluating all areas of the business. The outcome is to develop a tangible and measurable plan of action, where the journey is as important as the destination.

Meeting the needs of a MASSIVE market

An IBS franchise is responsible for selling and delivering business solutions and advice to the rapidly expanding small to medium business sector.

Our comprehensive range of consulting systems have been helping small to medium business owners throughout the world for over ten years. They have been designed to work across a range of industries and sectors from design and printing to transport and engineering. Today 99% of all businesses fall into the small to medium category so just imagine how many businesses within your catchment can benefit from your services.

Would IBS suit me?

There are many reasons why franchisees are attracted to the IBS franchise opportunity. For some it is a seemingly natural progression from their current career, while others find the opportunity to make a difference is the strongest motivation, or perhaps the empowerment offered by running their business. Many prospective franchisees are drawn to the lifestyle and passive income opportunities that are available with an IBS franchise.

The IBS opportunity enables franchisees to learn, grow, teach, have a flexible lifestyle, make a difference and earn a passive income from their business. Along the way, franchisees acquire the knowledge and the skills they will use to build a portfolio of businesses and investments that can secure their financial future.

What support and training do I receive?

An initial comprehensive training programme is provided by trainers with first hand experience in all areas of the IBS business. They will teach you how to gain clients, how to deliver the extraordinary products and services you will be providing, and how to manage, run and grow your business.

This intensive initial training is complemented with genuine ongoing support, provided through your Master Franchisee, to suit your individual level of need, as you will be different from your fellow franchisees, with different financial and lifestyle goals and different previous work experience. The support covers everything from business setup, marketing, lead generation and sales training to in-field consulting and business planning.

What level of Investment is required?

The IBS franchise opportunities start from £39,000.

There are several opportunities available and you will need to discuss your suggested franchise level in order to gain maximum benefit and to choose the right investment for your desired lifestyle, income and wealth creation.


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