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The Product

Our Inflatable Pub & Bar Hire business is a fantastic and unique concept that can be operated in your spare time. You can operate on a management basis or, if you wish, attend the venues and work behind the bar yourself.

From birthday parties, to weddings & private functions, customers love the idea of being their own landlord for the day! An event set-up is really straight forward, everything from the pub, bar, to the coolers and drink selection, you can be ready to serve in under an hour.

You will be supplied with everything required to operate the business including equipment, training, trade access and operators manual for your benefit, including full training. We even assist you with a great start to your business, by promoting your services through the relevant marketing channels with our knowledge, experience and connections within the industry.
Key Points of this business:

• Huge Profits
• Work in your spare time to suit you
• Repeat business
• No overheads – work from home
• No selling required
• Professional set-up
• Full training, back-up and support


Using our proven and unique referral system, we will assist in launching your business to generate an income from day one. Our marketing team will campaign your chosen area using multiple techniques in order to generate interest from local businesses that will promote your services in return for a small commission. This should ensure regular and repeat business and you only pay a commission based on results! They advertise your business for you and you only pay them upon completion of the booking.

In conjunction with your website (included in package), word of mouth, social media advertisement and your own promotional techniques, word about your new business will spread. We can assist in all aspects of the marketing to ensure you are competent and have a good understanding of what is required.

The below income table illustrates the earning potential of this business:

You can generate margins anywhere up to 1000% profit from trade to retail. Depending on the area you live in I.E, if you live in busy cities such as London or Manchester, your selling prices will be higher than other parts of the country.

Below we provide a more conservative figure based on an “average price”:

Item Average Trade Prices Average Retail Prices Profit
Draught Pints £1.05 £3.50 £2.45
Bottles £0.88 £3.00 £2.12
Cans £0.83 £3.00 £2.17
Optics £0.37 £2.60 £2.23
Shots £0.15 £2.00 £1.85

As you can see, the profit margins can be massive! You know your area best, and therefore will know the average price for these drinks.

A typical party of 200 people, each purchasing 5 drinks, based on the above prices, gives you an average spend of £16.10 (with a couple of bags of crisps/nuts included). This is only an average, on the whole most people will drink much more, whilst there will be a few that drink less.

  • £16.10 x 200 people = £3,220.00
  • Your total profit on sales based on the above profit margins is £2,456.00
  • Minus staff wages from 3 people, or 2 if you work is £7.50 per hour x 5 hours = £112.50 or £75, if you work (If your staff are under 25 this cost can be reduced.)
  • Less consumables like CO2 gas, straws, plastic glasses (if used), etc., £200
  • Total profit £2,143.50 assuming you did not work

1 venue a week = £9,288.50 per month, based on the above, which is easy, really, if you think about it once you’re established. With our marketing, your Facebook friends and website all working for you, 1 venue per week is very possible!

That’s a potential of an amazing £111,462.00 per year!

Just 1 average size booking per month can give you a full time income for little effort. You may prefer to work part-time or maybe make it a full time career, carrying out as many bookings per month as possible.

The Package

All packages come with the following:

  • Full training in all aspects of your equipment, staff recruitment, including material instructions and networking
  • Personal license – allows you to sell alcohol
  • 1 x Portable inflatable pub (Length 8m, Height 5m, Width 4m)
  • 1 x Portable bar
  • Advertising leaflets
  • Full marketing campaign in your chosen area to help your business get off to the best start possible
  • Full back-up & support
  • And much more…


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