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Since 1985 we have been helping clients add very considerable value to their Land & Property assets




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Average fee £3,500 + VAT










£0 - £10,000, Home Based, Management, Property


Since 1985 I have been helping clients add very considerable value to their Land & Property assets, whilst at the same time making very considerable profits for myself.

Now, with the Government declaring “Build, Build, Build” and having already relaxed or abandoning many planning laws and lots more changes to come, all aimed at making it easier for us to drive projects forward and make Big Profits.

This combined with advances in Data software, now at the press of a few buttons we can generate 10,000’s of project leads nationwide for different strategies and potential projects for you in your area.

The Opportunity

How does earning anything from £60,000 – £250,000 p.a. sound?

There is no doubt that the changes to Planning Laws that the Government has already made and will be making more shortly, is truly giving YOU a Golden Ticket, and I urge you to take advantage in any way you can, either by joining us or learning from others.

Planning Consultant

Earn £100,000 – £250,000 p.a.

Become a Successful and Highly Paid, NO WIN, NO FEE, Planning Consultant with our proven training and support.

As a partner with Land & Property Partnership we will provide you with client leads and then working closely together we will help you make big profits that we share 50/50.

It is this 50/50 profit chare that is our motivation to make sure you succeed.

Project Development Manager

Earn £60,000 – £100,000 p.a.

Let us train you to become a Well Paid Project Development Manager.

Also at some stage you may want or need to undertake refurbishment of your project properties, or you may want to up your game and start developing New Build projects on land that you have identified and secured planning permission on.

Included with Land & Property Partnership is a very comprehensive in-depth masterclass in all aspects of being a Property Developer and the very considerable profits that you will enjoy if you know how to be a profitable developer.

Guaranteed Passive Income

Every Partner will be entitled to a share of the income generated from our Passive Income Pot.

We cannot Guarantee the actual amount each year you will receive as Passive Income, but we would expect based on 35 years of project experience & results for this to be more than 100% pa of the partnership fees paid.

To qualify for and enjoy unlimited year after year Passive Income you need to be a full partner, the average partner fee is £3,500, of this 66% is transferred to a Passive Income Pot, so on average £2310 of each partner’s fee goes into the Passive Income Pot.

The Potential Profits

The potential is very big indeed.

Often with No upfront costs to you, we can generate very considerable increase in our clients Land & Property and in return you will earn very good fees.

Call us and let us explain fully and let us help you to Financial Freedom.

What’s Involved

What We Do

In simple terms, we train you in all you need to know to be able to complete a project, we will provide you with quality leads relevant to your exclusive area, and to show you how to raise funding should you require same.

Having identified a good potential project, we will ask you to undertake various due diligence some of which can only be undertake in the project area.

What You Do

Our Comprehensive Training of 10 Modules, Supporting Information, Agreement Templates, Feasibility Calculators and connection with various Key Members of the Team are spread over three stages.

Partners can advance in different timelines, both regarding time to learn each module and finances to upgrade from an introductory member, to a Full Partner/Member.

In the first instance you will be learning our Module One, this is available to you on payment of the first spread payment of £500, this should take 1-2 weeks, this module will give you a good base understanding of strategies and the step by step progress of a project.

Next you will be learning our Module Two, this is available to you on payment of the second spread payment of £500, if you elect to pay the £1,000 in one payment then not only will you be able to learn both modules without any delay if you want to get up to speed quickly, you will also save £195, the second module should take an additional 1-2 weeks, this module will give you a advanced understanding of strategies and the step by step progress of a project, you will also receive some leads to work with to progress due diligence and a full understanding of feasibility, capital requirements and an understanding of the profits you will enjoy.

Leads Provided

I stand to be corrected, but I believe we are the only service providing “Quality Leads” to our partner members for all strategies.

In addition to the leads we will provide you with as above, we also have a Partnership Client Website that you can refer your potential clients to and we are confident it will help to build confidence in your services.
We will be undertaking SEO and Brand Awareness campaigns once we build up say 25% nationwide coverage.

You will see that clients can enter their relevant area, and the partner details for that area will appear, if we have not appointed a partner in that area then the client will be referred back to H.O and we will then contact you if you are the nearest partner to the potential client and ask if you are able to help this client.

Part Time or Full Time

When you start you will only need part time hours of say 5-10 per week, of course once you are trained and know how to advance all strategies and have built up your connections and have the finance to progress multiple projects then naturally more time will be required.

If you are currently employed, we strongly recommend you continue with this until you have undertaken several profitable projects and have secured financial freedom for you and your family, then either progress a few projects to generate the income you want and enjoy the free time you will have, or work clever & hard and maybe retire early, the choice is yours.

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