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Mould Doctor offers a unique opportunity to ambitious individuals looking to profit from a growing market sector.

Here’s a quick summary of why we believe Mould Doctor is a brilliant business venture for you to consider:

  • A Business that is experiencing a typical gross profit of 78%!

  • The support from the dedicated Mould Doctor Head Office staff, including national sales, marketing and call handling support.

  • Realistic earnings of over £40,000 within the first year of trading.

  • Join a network that has experienced quarter on quarter sales increases for the franchisees.

  • A 5-year agreement, with the right to renew for a further 5.

  • Franchisees experiencing a 99.9% customer satisfaction status.

  • An asset to sell when you decide to leave the Mould Doctor Franchise.

  • A Management Franchise Opportunity that has the potential to expand!

  • Bank funding available – up to 80% of the initial set up can be financed.

Invest in the real growth industry

We are looking for driven people to join us to grow our ever-developing brand. We have a range of  customers who are part of national organisations who are eager for us to develop our franchise network and you could be part of that.

You will benefit from high quality training from individuals who have developed the pilot business and ongoing business support. This franchise can be both van-based or a management franchise, however give the pilot’s growth in turnover, the latter is more likely.

Mould Doctor operates across the public and private sectors and private homeowners also represent a growing proportion of the business. Our market potential is huge and we want the right people to share our potential. Customer service is a key driver in our business and our training will focus on that so that you become our area Mouldologist!

Why choose Mould Doctor?

  • One of the UK’s leading specialists in mould eradication.

  • Mould Doctor has been established for 10 years.

  • Successful franchise territories operating throughout the UK.

  • Franchisees receive EXCLUSIVE access to the Mould Doctor products.

  • Dedicated Franchise Territory Website to collect bookings for your territory.

  • High Demand for the services as landlords and letting agents must adhere to new laws.

  • Proven branded Mould Doctor products that offer a 5-year guarantee.

  • Branded Management Services Fee structure, the bigger you grow the less you pay!

Mould Doctor has experienced over 30% growth in sales across it’s network during the first quarter of 2017!

Training will involve a programme that includes a course at Head Office in Lincolnshire and on-site training at your premises.

Our first franchise is already performing very successfully and we are very excited at the prospect of developing our team further as soon as possible. In fact, another of our franchisees has witnessed quarter on quarter growth during his first 15 months in charge!

Our Pilot Franchise has now dealt with mould issues in over 6,000 properties!

The Mould Doctor Franchise Package

Our investment package is designed to be a turn-key package that enables you to hit the ground running. As well as the Franchise Licence Fee, it includes training, stationery, marketing materials, a launch budget, workwear, materials, equipment and stationery. The only additional costs are for a van which we advise on at the time you start.

How do I generate business for Mould Doctor Business?

  • A Business Development Day within the territory as part of the franchise training. This will involve going around Estate Agents and letting agents within the territory.

  • £2,000 Marketing Budget to promote the launch.

  • Exclusive PPC and Adword campaign on Google within your franchise territory.

  • To have a Mould Doctor representative attend Housing Association meetings with you.

  • Sales through exclusive Mould Doctor products.

  • Enquiries through the Mould Doctor head office and website.

  • Through word of mouth.


Training is spread over nine days, six of which are with us at our headquarters in Lincolnshire with the final three days in hands-on situations. We will take you through marketing, sales, survey, pricing and administration on your journey to becoming a fully-fledged Mouldologist!

Guarantee offered

Mould Doctor franchisees can guarantee that the mould will not return, if the correct procedures are followed.

Every customer will receive a detailed report/certificate outlining the work that has been undertaken. Mould Doctor are also proud members of Checkatrade so that all of our customers can review the work we undertake.

Are you a potential Mouldologist?

We are looking for aspirational business partners with the ‘get up and go’ mentality that matches that of our management team. If personal success, rewarding profits and a real sense of achievement are what drives you then you could be the right person for us.

The Buck Bill being passed (more work for Mould Doctor Franchisees) –

This bill was approved in January 2018. 

“(1) In a contract to which this section applies for the letting of a house for human habitation there is implied, notwithstanding any stipulation to the contrary:-

(a) a condition that the house is fit for human habitation at the commencement of the tenancy, and (b) an undertaking that the house will be kept by the landlord fit for human habitation during the tenancy”

The accepted stats are that between two and a half to three million people live in properties with hazards rated as Category 1 under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, meaning there are conditions within those properties that present a serious risk to the health and safety of the occupants.

But don’t the council prosecute for building standards?

Yes, they do but the Buck Bill will allow tenants to take out private prosecutions against landlords whose properties don’t meet the mark, and the HHSRS is prosecuted by the council so councils as landlords aren’t covered because you can’t sue yourself.


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