Pimento Spanish Takeaway

Authentic takeaway serving delicious Spanish-style food, also catering to larger groups with their hot Tapas buffets!




Franchise Opportunity


Just £15,000








Pimento is a Spanish style takeaway and we are looking to offer you the opportunity to be part of this unique business opportunity.

Do you wish to enlighten taste-buds with finger-licking and authentic Spanish recipes? If yes, then you are looking at the franchise for you. Our eatery serves a wide variety of Spanish menus that are perfectly ready to satiate any taste cravings.

We serve our customers a diverse range of delectable delights that includes multiple choice options – Main menus, such as Creamy Garlic Mushrooms, Homemade Meatballs with Creamy Pepper Sauce, and Homemade Meatballs with Tomato Sauce. Other options for our Mains are King Prawns Chilli & Garlic Butter and Chorizo Cassoulet. Paella dishes Mixed Paella, Seafood Paella, and Chicken & Chorizo Meatball Paella. Plus, our menu catalogue offers a bunch of Extras as well. For instance Feta Cheese Salad with Olives, Spanish Bread Roll, and Marinated Spanish Olives.


So many people think of starting their own business – not just for the financial rewards but for the opportunity to be your own boss and run your own life.

But the downside is that although you get all the rewards, you also take the risks. Taking on a franchise within a proven operation reduces those risks substantially. By joining Pimento, you can reduce them even more!

  • Track Record of Success
    We have a developed a method of doing business that works well and produces successful results.

  • Strong Brand
    One of the biggest advantages of franchising is that the company is building a brand on a regional or national basis that should have value in the eyes of customers you’re trying to attract.

  • Training Programme
    We have a training programme designed to bring you up to speed on the most successful methods to run the business. We have reference materials to assist you in dealing with whatever comes up while you’re running your business.

  • Ongoing Operational Support
    We have staff dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to franchisees. You’re not alone when you’re building and running your business, and you can always call on experienced people when you hit a rough spot or want to share new ideas for growing the business.

  • Marketing Assistance
    We will offer you marketing assistance to provide you with proven tools and strategies for attracting and retaining customers.

  • Purchasing Power
    As a franchise you can take advantage of the buying power of the entire system to negotiate prices for everything you need at significantly lower levels than you could achieve as an independent operator.

  • Risk Avoidance
    The biggest reason to buy a franchise is that, if you’re smart, it will help you avoid much of the risk of starting a new business.


What you can earn out of Pimento Franchise is, in the final analysis, up to you: how hard you work, and how gifted you are.

It’s no different to anything else. But you’ll be surprised at how the numbers can stack up.

Year One:

Gross Costs Net Profit
£120,000 £75,000 £45,000

It is important to emphasise that the above figures are projections provided for the purpose of illustration and are not intended to be a statement, representation, warranty or guarantee of individual franchisee earnings. It is essential that (prior to entering into the franchise) you satisfy yourself of the value of the investment you intend to make in terms of both time and money.


There is just no escaping the fact that running your own business can be hard work.

However, you are doing it for yourself and the rewards of a Pimento franchise will be there for you to see from day one. If you possess the following attributes then a Pimento franchise could be just what you have been looking for:

  • A willingness to work hard, because there is simply no substitute for hard work.

  • A willingness to persevere, because there will always be times when things don’t go according to plan.

  • The desire to work for yourself, and take proper control of your own destiny.

  • The desire to work with others who all share your commitment to the highest standards.


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