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Who is Precious Glimpse?

Precious Glimpse started as a dream, an idea created through bad experience. It is said that ‘the only source of knowledge is experience’ and this became true in 2014 when both myself and Jessica were expecting our first child.

Being new, expectant parents, is very daunting and with the NHS being stretched as far as they can be, it has paved a way for the private baby scanning industry. We were eager to see our baby and we booked in at a baby scanning studio close by. That day finally came and we were both filled with excitement & joy, a sense of happiness that we would be able to see and hear our baby for the first time.

We arrived at the studio with smiles from ear to ear only to have the worst experience any parents could have. We left feeling ruined by terrible customer service. It was right there and then we vowed to ourselves that we would create something special, so that no mothers and fathers would have to go through the same experience.

Our dream became a reality just 2 years later when we opened our first studio in Burnley and to this day we are very proud we have created a 5* company offering a magical experience for our customers.

What do you get as a franchisee?

So many people think of starting their own business – not just for the financial rewards, but for the opportunity to be your own boss and run your own life. The downside is that although you get all the rewards, you also take the risks.

Taking on a franchise with within a proven operation reduces those risks substantially and by joining Precious Glimpse, you can reduce them even more!

  • When you buy a Precious Glimpse franchise you can make an informed decision

  • When you buy a Precious Glimpse franchise there is an operations manual which creates a shortcut, therefore you dont need to spend time and money finding a process that’ll work – the process is already there.

  • When you buy a franchise there is legal protection

  • When you buy a Precious Glimpse franchise we will help you find the right location

  • When you buy a Precious Glimpse franchise you will receive training before you start

  • When you buy a franchise you can access expert advice

  • When you buy a franchise you can benefit from buying power

  • When you buy a franchise you stay up to date with relevant news and regulations

  • When you buy a franchise you can reach for your goals

The Earning Potential

What you can earn out of the Precious Glimpse franchise is, in the final analysis, up to you: how hard you work, and how gifted you are. It’s no different to anything else. But you’ll be surprised at how the numbers can stack up.

The above figures are projections intended for the purpose of illustration and are not a guarantee of individual earnings. With hard work and dedication these figures could be met or potentially be exceeded.

What you need

There is just no escaping the fact that running your own business can be hard work, however you are doing it for yourself and the rewards of a Precious Glimpse franchise will be there for you to see from day one.

If you possess the following attributes then a Precious Glimpse franchise could be just what you have been looking for:

  • A willingness to work hard, because there is simply no substitute for hard work.

  • A willingness to persevere because there will always be times when things don’t go according to plan.

  • The desire to work for yourself, and take proper control of your own destiny.

  • The desire to work with others who all share your commitment to the highest standards.


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