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Dragons’ Den Backed Theatre School Franchise Responds To Arts Crises

As BA announce their plans today, we are extending our “No Up-front Fee Offer” to all those in the airline sector too. Do you know someone in the following sectors that has been made redundant or looking for a brand new opportunity?

  • Teaching & Educational Sector
  • Airline Sector
  • Performing Arts

Sadly not everyone’s job will be saved therefore, if you’re in the teaching/education sector, airline, performing arts…we are extending our offer of a multi-award winning & Dragons’ Den success story franchise with “No upfront fees”.

We all have a responsibility to do our bit to get the economy moving & back on its feet & also support the mental health & well-being of the next generation!

The world has changed and the impact that this pandemic has had on theatre schools has been huge. However, the ones that are quickly rebuilding are the ones that never stopped communicating with families and students, providing them with much needed stability during this challenging time.

With more than twenty years’ experience, Razzamataz Theatre Schools quickly and diligently responded and helped each of the Principals within the network to pivot their business and become much more visible online.

The small, interactive online classes proved to be such a hit, that many of the Principals will continue to offer this as part of their service even after schools re-open in September.

With everything that the Head Office learnt, they wanted to reach out to people who have lost their jobs in the theatre because of COVID-19 with an exceptional offer to join the award-winning network by offering a unique opportunity to own and run their own theatre school franchise without paying a joining fee.

“We acknowledge that we are all in uncharted waters right now and there are many highly talented and motivated individuals who would make fantastic franchisees but who don’t necessarily have the funds,” explains MD and Founder Denise Hutton-Gosney. “Furthermore, if performers want to go back to the theatre and perform, we have a management option available. Our beloved performing arts industry has been so badly affected by lockdown, we are looking at all ways in which we can help.”

To reach out further to those working in the arts that have lost their jobs, Razzamataz will be running a number of live events speaking about everything they have learnt as a business and the skills that you need to work in the arts going forwards.

“We have learnt so much that we wanted to share our top tips and success stories about how to engage students and why we believe that an online offering will actually enhance your dance or theatre school, even after COVID-19,” adds Denise.  “If you are a teacher, being able to say that you can successfully run online performing arts classes will be increasingly important in the future and we are happy to share our learnings with others, working in the arts.”

 Other interactive sessions with the team at Razzamataz include speaking to our current franchisees about how they have carved out a career in the performing arts while having a steady income running a theatre school.

“Performers and theatre arts teachers also have so many skills that they probably don’t even know that they have and with our training and support, they can turn this into a rewarding new career,” adds Denise. “Our online sessions will help them to understand the skills they have and take back control over their life so they are not always waiting for their next job.

Our network of theatre school franchisees is made up of people who have a positive mindset and the desire to inspire the next generation of young performers. We teach the business skills and give them access to our twenty years of experience and they bring the drive and enthusiasm to create theatre schools that are truly special places for children to learn performing arts, build their confidence and make new friends.”

Throughout the pandemic, Razzamataz has actually welcomed five new franchisees to the network. “If you’re considering starting a franchise then I would highly recommend Razzamataz,” explains Heather Hurd-Sinclair, Principal Razzamataz Wimbledon. “I took over as a Principal in April in the midst of the COVID lockdown and I have not regretted my decision. The support and encouragement I have received has been second to none. Head Office has provided us with training, updated resources and also one to one support to ensure that our businesses adapt and thrive. Nothing is too much trouble and I feel fortunate that during these challenging times I am part of a network that has such a passion for what it does.”

The four online sessions are free to access and cover lots of different elements of working in the performing arts industry. For those that want to learn more about opening their own Razzamataz Theatre School without having to pay a joining fee, there is an opportunity to be invited to an online Discovery Den where attendees will learn more about Razzamataz and franchising in general.

To speak to our Head Office about how to join our network including information on our online Discovery Dens and theatre arts training sessions, click the button below to get in touch.

Join a multi award winning team!

  • Winners of the HSBC & British Franchise Association  ‘Franchisee of the Year 2018′
  • Winners of the HSBC & British Franchise Association ‘Lifestyle Franchisee of the Year 2018’
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Club Hub UK Awards 2020
  • In the Elite 100 Top Franchise’s in the UK 2020
  • First Winner of the 5 star Franchisee satisfaction award in 2020
  • The continuous improvement award from the 5 star satisfaction award 2020
  • 5 Star Satisfaction Award for 2 consecutive years running
  • Approved Franchise Association (AFA) Members
  • Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWIF) Members
  • 5 Star Fully Accredited Children’s Activities Association Members
  • Quality Franchise Association (QFA) Members
  • Best Business Women Finalists 2019
  • Franchise Marketing Awards Finalists 2019
  • AFA Bronze Award Winners 2019
  • AFA Silver Award Winners 2019

“The commitment of the team coupled with their proven track record of success led me to become part of Razzamataz Theatre Schools. Now you too have the chance to become part of the franchise.”

Duncan Bannatyne.


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