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Our Story

Scamps & Champs is owned by Lesley Regan. Lesley is pictured here with her top dog Finlay, an extremely handsome Irish Wolf Hound.

From being a child Lesley’s love for animals was clear, especially dogs. When all her friends loved ‘pop annuals’ Lesley prize possession was a ‘dog breed’ book!

As an adult, Lesley went to work in a high-end estate agent. Lesley worked incredible hard for her boss but working long hours took it’s toll and her family life suffered.

Having 2 teenage children at home, a mortgage to pay and being used to earning a full time income Lesley set to creating the life she actually wanted for herself and her family. Following her passion for animals and knowing the pet care market was huge; she took a deep breath and jumped into a whole new world. She decided to set up on her own and start providing dog walking and pet care services to local pet owners around Stockport.

And so, Scamps & Champs was born.

What we do

Here at Scamps & Champs, we are in the business of providing pet owners across the UK a friendly alternative to kennels, cattery or livery yard and a solution to their routine pet care.

44% of households in the UK have pets; some of them are looking for a reliable, friendly person to care for their pets while they go to work or on holiday.

We are local pet lovers who care for all pets as if they were our own. With years of experience in animal care Scamps & Champs provide a range of services to pet owners, including:

  • Dog walking

  • Dog Home Boarding

  • Puppy Visits

  • Kitten Visits

  • House/Pet Sitting

  • Overnight Pet Sitting

  • Domestic Fowl Feeding

  • Pet Photography

  • Cat sitting

  • Rabbit Sitting

  • Reptile Care

  • Horse Care

  • Microchipping

  • Nail Clipping

  • Pet Taxi

  • Pets at Wedding Chaperone

However, owning a Scamps & Champs franchise doesn’t mean you have to dog walk or cat sit, unless you want to. Our franchisees present the professional face of the business to clients and manage the team providing the services.

Why choose us

MONEY – huge demand, great earning potential

WORKING FROM HOME – the flexibility is one of the main reasons why our franchisees choose this business

FULFILMENT – nothing beats running your own show, the sense of achievement you will get as your business grows is like no other…… AND the feeling of helping people care for their pets, seeing wagging tails and loud meows

SCALABILITY – part time, start small and build up, operate in a management style and scale up – you decide

Earning Potential

One of the best things about running your own business is that unlike a 9 – 5 job, the more you put in, the more you will get out!

The earning potential with Scamps & Champs is significant. Every franchisee will build their Scamps & Champs business slightly differently and offer slightly different services. But mostly, all your numbers will depend upon how much effort you put in, your goals and aspirations.

Lesley generated just over £17,000 in her first year, working part time. One franchisee had a turnover of over £18,000 in their first year and another over £16,000 in their first year.

Whilst the figures given represent actual performance by operational areas of Scamps & Champs, there’s no guarantee that you’ll achieve these figures and nor is it intended that you should reply on them as a warranty or guarantee.

The figures are provided for illustration purposes only. Many factors will influence the success of your business including the application you apply personally, your work ethic, the hours you dedicate and your effort and persistence.

Success Stories

Some of our successful franchisees…

Kayleigh Gaskill – Scamps & Champs Tameside

“I have 2 young children and need the flexibility working for yourself offers. I used to work for Lesley as a dog walker before she franchised Scamps & Champs. I saw the business establish and Lesley was really supportive.

I always wanted to work for myself and although a big step for me to become a franchisee, I love it and have never looked back. Running the franchise, I am completely flexible to work around my children.”

Tameside has generated nearly £40,000 a year from year 2.

Melanie Kerry – Scamps & Champs Derby

“I started with a law degree and then spent 10 years in sales and accounts. I didn’t have any sort of worklife balance. When I got divorced everything changed and I realised I needed to get out of a stressful and pressurised job. I wanted a better lifestyle with more flexibility doing something I enjoy.

I looked at around 6 franchises and then I found Scamps & Champs! Lesley’s passion completely blew me away. When I joined Scamps & Champs I felt totally supported. Lesley is always updating us and offering more training. She even took the time to come to my area and provide me with further training. She’s got a wealth of experience and gives great advice.

By around month 9 I was generating over £2000 a month and that quickly grew to over £3000.

I’m really pleased how my franchise is going and have considered taking on a second area!”


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